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 The running

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PostSubject: The running   Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:24 am

Ok imagin you are a horse(s) that was abused and gets out at the same or diffent stables but you have to ecape and make a story about how your charactor(s) got were he or she is

I'll start
Blackbeutey shivered next to Blackmagicthe nice loving owner thy had barn was burning they were just foals and they'er mothers where trapped inside the burning biluding . The trailer came to a stop the man opened the door and led them to a paster until they were old enough not to drink milk he took good care of them . Then he was beating them when they did something he didn't want them to do and not feeding them ,brushing them, or watering them. He left them in the pasture to graze .
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The running
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